Artboard 1.png
 Here is a close up of one of the plastic bottle chandeliers I made for a Qatari wedding. Once the light hits it, you have no idea we used trash!
 Here is a view of the Kosha (The stage with a couch where the bride sits for the wedding).  We custom made this couch, the swans and the logo that hung down in the middle. 
 Another view of the Kosha, custom couch and logo. 
 The custom couch we made. 
 A close up of the table scape. 
 We custom made these tables that would accommodate 20 Qatari women on one side so their back is never turned towards the bride. 
 Close up of the swan we made using pearls, orchids, and silk fabric. 
 The process of installing the plastic bottle chandeliers. 
 Me inside one of the plastic bottle chandeliers I was sewing up. 
 My crew helping me install the 7 chandeliers around the ballroom. 
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